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Polystyrene Removal

Loft Ladders Essex can now offer the professional service of Polystyrene Removal and replacement insulation, as we have received a number of enquiries from residents situated in the South East asking us to remove the polystyrene from there loft. They have witnessed the polystyrene sticking to their electrical wiring this has normally been highlighted when an electrician or surveyor has visited.

We have investigated this product which was blown into many lofts during the 1970’s and 1980’s all over the country.

The first signs are the polystyrene sticking to the cables.

The second is the cables becoming brittle due to the polystyrene breaking down the plastic outer sleeve.

The third is that the polystyrene breaks down the inner plastic sleeve revealing live cabling giving the potential risk of FIRE.

We can remove the polystyrene and re-insulate with fibreglass insulation saving you up to a massive 20% reduction on your heating costs per year also helping to protect the environment.

So if you would like us to remove the polystyrene in your loft and re-insulate with fibreglass insulation also you helping to protect the environment call us on 01245 898661.

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