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Youngman Easiway Loft Ladder


Image of Youngman Easiway Loft Ladder
Supplied only for £75.00 and supplied and installed for £220.00,  which includes the ladder and hinging the existing hatch downwards or a new piece of board cut to the existing hatch size (unpainted) to use with a operating pole and twist catch.

Certification no EN14975

Payable on completion 

10 year guarantee.

Measure the vertical clearance on the loft floor this ladder needs 75cm(2"6")along the full Horizontal clearance of 105cm(3"5") from the place where the ladder will be attached..

Tread depth 50mm(2")Tread width 275mm(11") For floor to floor heights from 2.3m to 3.0m(9"10")Features new metal safety catch, preventing premature drop during sliding ladder operation. Complete with large handrail for climbing, security pivot arms in loft smoothly control descent/ascent, deep non-slip treads for maximum safety Maximum safe loading: 150kg(23.6st)

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