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Premium wooden folding loft ladder


Image of Premium wooden folding loft ladder
Supplied for £240.00 of which the ladder comes within its own caseing and supplied and installed for a inclusive cost of£495.00 55cmx110cm
This installation price includes making the hatch larger to accommodate the ladder and architraved(unpainted) 

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Payable on completion with a 10 year guarantee 

This is a Premium quality 3-section folding loft ladder manufactured in Poland and is made from the highest quality pine wood. This loft ladder is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing  insulated hatch in white both inside and outside and takes loads of up to 25 stone, thus showing the quality of this product. 

This loft ladder is also supplied with accessories enabling comfortable loft ladder usage as standard and comes with brown stile ends mounted on the ladder feet to enhance the beauty, protect the floor and increase ladder stability. This loft ladder is also equipped with a red painted metal handrail mounted on the ladder's angle brackets which makes climbing the ladder easier.

The treads protrude beyond the front of the ladder and there is a considerable space between the ladder and the hatch door so such a design makes stepping onto the treads easier, thus increasing the ease of using the ladder.

Satisfies the requirements of EN 14975.

Sections : 3 section.
Hatch size : 55/60/70cm x 110cm
Permissible loading : 
Heat transmission : 1.1 W/m2K.
Insulation thickness : 3cm.
Hatch thickness : 3.6cm.

• Stile ends.
• White hatch.
 Peripheral seal.
 Non-slip treads protruding from strings.

Ideal for lofts with limited headroom or where a clear loft floor is needed.

Spring counter balancing system for smooth and effortless operation
Maximum safe loading: 160kg(25st)

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