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Abru loft ladders

We supply and fit mainly the Blue seal loft ladder which is a aluminium ladder and has a maximum loading of 150kg. The Blue seal loft ladder has a power arm at the top of the ladder to make it very easy to stow away. We consider the blue seal ladder to be of good quality with a tread width of 50mm. This ladder reaches maximum floor to floor heights of 3mtrs.

We install this ladder with a new hinged access door in around 90 minutes; this door is made of MDF which stands for medium density fibreboard. We install a twist catch to bring down the door that is very easy to use and provide you with a operating pole to bring down the door as well as the ladder.

We attended Abru’s factory which is not only where they manufacture a lot of different ladders but a major testing works for many manufactures. We were trained to install all of Abru’s products and we are official recommended Abru installers.

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